20/09/2011: We decided to cover up the delay go as far as possible. As per our plan we were supposed to reach Meerut through NH91 via Aligarh. On expressing our plan to hotel manager, he said, road condition is bad ahead. He suggested to go to Agra then to take the Aligarh Road. We had our lunch some 150 ahead of Kanpur.

Planned route for the day.

Some pics of the day.

We came up to Agra and then took the Aligarh road. It was so bad shape that it took four hours to come across only 65 km. We reached Aligarh around 9:45 pm. We decided to stay at Aligarh itself.

Route we took.

Distance Covered: 353
Petrol Purchased: 0

21/09/2011: In the morning we found mine and Saptarshi’s bike got a puncher each. Repairing puncher, loading luggage on the bikes we started for Karnal and face the same kind of bad road. Near Hapur, one truck driver warned us not to continue on that road as road condition is far worse ahead. He suggested going to Bagpat and hitting NH1. Massive time of the day gone to reach to NH1. We drove till 1:30 and reach Karnal. We stayed at Youth Centre to have a much required rest and sleep.

Pics of the day.

Waiting for Saptarshi.

Saptarshi came.

Distance Covered: 285
Petrol Purchased: 850